Appointment Booking

Nextenture helps you effectively schedule store appointments, which both empowers consumers and store teams. We use location, employee availability, and skill set to present relevant appointments.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy With Next!

At Nextenture we offer products and services that complete the Reflexis ecosystem.

Web-based & Mobile Booking

Next Appointment Booking is available via desktop and mobile, making it accessible by your fingertips.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to use, with an easily navigable interface that lets your store teams book appointments in a few simple steps.

Designed to Match Your Identity

We can design Next! in a way that best reflects crucial business needs and your enterprise.

Effectively Schedule Appointments & Lower Scheduling Costs

In order to survive in today’s mobile-driven world, it’s important that retailers provide the best in-store experiences possible. Nextenture’s new mobile application, Next Appointment Booking (Next!), is meant to help retailers schedule appointments, which will help store personnel develop meaningful relationships with loyal customers.

Customers can use the app to book appointments at a store, while managers will be able to plan out consumer experiences with a product that can also be integrated into the Reflexis WFM suite. Next! additionally allows managers to run appointments and manage appointment queues within stores. With native iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility, our appointment booking application can be used to view past and future appointments, and it also tracks waiting times. Coming soon is an employee-facing iPad app, the ability to gift appointments, and allowing consumers to select their favorite store associates.

Overall, Next! provides quick and seamless appointment booking for consumers, versatility with Reflexis software, lower scheduling costs for your enterprise and accessibility via mobile and desktop. Next! ultimately creates a better consumer experience, which in return keeps them coming to your stores.

  • Intuitive, powerful and simplified appointment booking customized to your business needs.
  • Quick and seamless appointment booking driving increased customer satisfaction.
  • Fully integrated with existing Reflexis solutions.
  • Empowered store managers and consumers.

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