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Continuous-learning Platform to Create & Stream Byte-size Lessons to Targeted Audiences

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Cost-Effective, Crowd-sourced, and Accurate Time Measurements using Your Own Field Staff

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Deliver micro-lessons to field employees at the speed of light.


Create videos on the go on your mobile in easy 1-2-3 steps


Intelligently deliver training to select  employees


Take courses on mobile using Netflix style video stream


Measure employee’s for future course assignments

Meet staffing needs with cross-training and put more money in employee’s pockets.

Cross-Train Field Staff

New hire costs are exorbitantly more than cross-training existing workforce. 

Level LMS™ makes it easy to impart new skills your business needs or honing the skills they already have, by making course creation accessible to more subject matter experts on your payroll.

Build learner profiles and deliver new courseware to specific employees that are just right to acquire the new skill.

More Earning Opportunities

Doing multiple jobs to maintain earning levels is challenging at best.

Level LMS™ can help your field employees easily acquire new skills that your business needs so that they can work more hours and raise their earning level while delivering greater value to your business.

Courseware Approval Workflows

Level LMS™ is built to protect your brand guidelines and corporate education policies.

Our easy lesson creation enable more specialists to develop quick tutorials and approval workflows help submit the tutorials for approval, if required, before they are sent to field staff.

Level LMS™ is right for all multi-location businesses.

Level LMS makes lesson-creation accessible to everyone and puts education in employee’s pockets.

Capture videos, edit and transform them into quick lessons with tooltips, knowledge checks, and more.

Our preview feature makes it easy for you to see how the field staff will experience the lesson.


Select your audience and launch lessons or submit for quick approval at the click of a button.

Define rules to automatically  assign lessons to future users.


Level LMS makes it easy for the field staff to access the lessons they are required to take with easy Netflix style video queue.

Lessons related to additional skills that your business needs are available in the library for employees to cross-train themselves.

Make education engaging and competitive with rankings, badges and other gamification features.


Build learner profile for each field employee and help improve the AI based lesson suggestions employees receive by updating employee performance using in-app performance evaluator or import evaluations.

Dashboard & Analytics

Powerful dashboards and reports are a core part of Level LMS. Track how your courses are being received and co-relate education with employee performance using dozens of canned reports or export data to your data warehouse for building cross-functional reports.