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Create, Launch, Learn, and Measure with Level LMS™

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Only with Level LMS™ can you create and deliver everything you need inside one tool



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Level LMS™


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Create & deliver lessons at the speed of light.​

Make lesson creation accessible to more in-house experts, intelligently identify target employees and put education in their pockets

Capture videos, edit and transform them into quick lessons with tooltips, knowledge checks, and more.

Use performance assessments and enterprise KPIs to launch lessons to targeted employees at the click of a button.


Make education engaging and competitive with rankings, badges and other gamification features inside an easy Netflix-style video queue.

Build learner profiles by importing performance evaluations or use in-app evaluation forms.


Correlate education with employee performance using dozens of canned reports and dashboards.

Measure Employee Progress Inside One Intuitive Application

Create with Ease

 Our preview feature makes it easy for you to see exactly how the field staff will experience the lesson.


Launch with Speed

After launching material, define rules to automatically assign lessons to future users.

Learn with Convenience  

Additional skills that your business needs are contained in your lesson library for employees to cross-train themselves at any time.

Measure with Accuracy

Improve training execution and monitor learner progress through robust reports and dashboards. 


Get More Out of Your Learning Management System Through

Level LMS™

Cross-Train Field Staff

Level LMS™ makes it easy to impart new skills your business needs or honing the skills they already have, by making course creation accessible to more subject matter experts on your payroll.


More Earning Opportunities

Level LMS™ can help your field employees easily acquire new skills that your business needs so that they can work more hours and raise their earning level while delivering greater value to your business.

Courseware Approval Workflows

Our easy lesson creation enables more specialists to develop quick tutorials and their approval workflows before they are sent to field staff, while protecting your brand guidelines and corporate education policies.