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Floresight: Delivering Tomorrow's Labor Insights, Today

December 10, 2018


Retailing isn’t the same as it was five years ago. There is a complex path to purchase for most products that involves web, mobile, brick and mortar stores, flyers in the mail, Instagram advertisements, and much more. For retail organizations to keep up, they need to constantly evolve and redefine the customer experience.
According to Willy Kruh, the Global Chair for Consumer Markets at KPMG, “experience per square foot will be the new retail metric to measure success.” 
At Nextenture, we believe that a large part of creating a great customer experience is about having the right technology in place. From customer appointment booking applications to engineered labor standards solutions and visual labor modeling products, proper tools are needed to ensure returning customers, efficient store processes, and optimized labor budgets.
Our Chief Experience Architect, Ken Cooke says, “Technology is evolving from tool to conduit. For retailers and their customers, it drives the mutually shared experience. We’ve built Floresight, a robust experiential retailing platform that allows retailers to achieve new levels of insight, interaction, and connection.”

The Floresight platform’s ease of use accelerates adoption because of its inherent architecture. Its appointment booking, engineered labor standards, and visual labor modeling applications simultaneously stand on their own, integrate into each other and fit into any existing workforce management enterprise, cutting implementation costs and driving faster speed to value. Floresight cohesively optimizes and merges customer choice, store user agency, and operational oversight in one hub.


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