Time Studies

At Nextenture, we conduct time studies to help you evaluate your current store operations and provide insights with our experienced retail strategy and analytics teams.

Get the Most Out of Your Workforce.

At Nextenture we offer products and services that complete the Reflexis ecosystem.

Certified Time-Collectors

The Nextenture team has people stopwatch-certified, ensuring that time studies for your teams are as accurate as possible.

Field Expertise

With members of our team who have experience working in the field and managing store teams, we can assure that our time collectors understand store operations.

On-site travel

We are willing to travel on-site to any store you’d like and conduct time studies for specific units, regions or districts.

We Provide

Nextenture conducts time studies for any retailer looking to evaluate their current store systems of task management and workforce activities. We have experts and retail strategists with years of experience working in stores, managing team members and labor optimization.

Who We’ve Helped

Nextenture partners with Reflexis to serve premier retailers and more.

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