Labor Modeling

Make smart staging and workforce decisions with the help of our data, experience and Workforce Management product expertise.

Get the Most Out of Your Workforce.

At Nextenture we offer products and services that complete the Reflexis ecosystem.

Customizable Labor Models

Labor models that are flexible and can change based on what you determine is most appropriate for your store teams.

Data-Generated Schedules

Our labor models build optimized, fair and efficient schedules for your team.

Align Workers to Demand

Nextenture ensures your teams get staffed accordingly.

Labor Consulting from Experts

Nextenture’s team has retail leaders with years of experience working in the field, managing store operations and working with labor management tools.

Pinpointing Actionable Trends

We make numbers speak to your business needs. Our data helps organizations make efficient, quick business decisions.

Properly Staffed Workloads

Nextenture’s labor modeling strategy guarantees that workloads for your stores remain aligned fairly and efficiently.

We Provide

Software is only as good as the data you give it. Our goal is to provide the data and experience to help your business make smart staffing decisions that are effective company-wide.

  • Insights leading to a significant reduction in labor management costs.
  • Balanced and efficient workforce schedules, leading to greater revenues from stores.
  • Labor consulting from those with years of Reflexis product, retail and store experience.
  • Simplified strategy and more satisfied customers at stores.
Our labor modeling services ensure that you get the most out of your Reflexis implementation. At Nextenture, we focus on two core aspects of labor modeling: aligning relevant workers to relevant demand and generating the most efficient schedules for a workforce. We’ll collect the data and test the results so you can make sure that your team members are there when you need them. If needed, we can also conduct time studies, which can further improve the integrity of your solution. With this service, you can cut millions in labor-management costs and provide stores a solution that helps with efficient staffing decisions. After all, properly staffed store ensures your consumers will have their best possible experience.

Who We’ve Helped

Nextenture partners with Reflexis to serve premier retailers and more. 

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