Change Management

Nextenture adapts professional change management practices to the retail landscape and the challenges unique to large-scale implementations.

Align Employee Behavior with Your Implementation’s Objectives.

At Nextenture we offer products and services that secure employee adoption.

Leverage Your Internal Resources

Nextenture offers three change management packages so you can select the right amount of support for your internal team’s capacity and capability.

Maximize Your Retail Strategy

Nextenture’s retail consultants look beyond project implementation to address the people, policies, and processes that must adapt to secure your strategic objective.

Learn from our WFM Expertise

Nextenture’s in-depth experience implementing Reflexis solutions allows us to recommend approaches based on successes with other retailers and anticipate challenges with adoption

Rely on Integrated Milestones

Nextenture integrates change management milestones with your main project plan, ensuring alignment of purpose and timing.

Start Early, Continue Long

An effective change management strategy starts when the project starts and continues long after implementation ends.

Enjoy Your Implementation

We believe that change management is so critical to success that we include our Essential Change Management package as part of every project management engagement at no additional cost.

How We Help

We work with you to assess your company’s change capacity, provide the guidance and structure to enable your team to manage the change, and identify opportunities to accelerate adoption and secure your ROI.

  • Increased user adoption and maximized project benefits.
  • Reduced management costs for achieving organizational change.
  • Engaged employees applying their knowledge accurately.
  • Insights to improve future change-readiness.
  • Accelerated resumption of front-line customer focus.

Who We’ve Helped

Nextenture partners with Reflexis to serve premier retailers and more.

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