Insight Analytics

Nextenture analytics uncovers critical insights within your business and consumer  data, designs unique visual reporting for your company, and provides essential decision metrics.

Don’t Just Collect Data. Use It.

At Nextenture we offer products and services that complete the Reflexis ecosystem.

Key Customer Data Insight

Gain a bird’s eye view of key details behind your teams’ customers with our Designed Visual Reporting Data.

Designed Visual Reporting Data

Nextenture makes data instantly understandable for your teams with designed reporting based on their needs.

Optimized Workforce Responses

Our data empowers store teams and optimizes how they respond to numbers that impact store operations.


Customizable Metrics

Numbers should reflect your business needs. Nextenture offers customizable metrics for evaluation by you and your teams.

Pinpointing Actionable Trends

We make numbers speak to your business needs. Our data helps organizations make efficient, quick business decisions.

Accessible Integrated Metrics

Customizable and actionable for you and your store teams. We make numbers and drivers within your product reflect key business-decision making.

Insight Into Key Customer Data

It can be easy to get lost in the data. We create insight into key customer data for retailers, while also providing relevant information and ensuring that data is accessible and actionable.

  • Predictive, measuring reporting for weekly, monthly, yearly trends.
  • Accessible, understandable data for store managers to make informed, powerful business decisions.
  • Information leading to faster, smarter and less costly decision-making processes.
  • Simplified data for corporate offices and field management.

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