Retail Strategy consultants offering expertise in Change Management, Labor Modeling, Time Studies & Analytics.

Consulting Focused on Your Long-Term Goals

Through consulting services backed by years of technological and retail expertise, Nextenture pinpoints your organization’s long-term goals and helps you achieve them at a lower cost. Our analytics create insight into key business decision-driving and actionable metrics within your existing labor management systems, while our change management consulting helps ease technological and organizational changes across all levels of your company We also conduct time studies and provide data and experience to help your business optimize its labor model.


Nextenture analytics create insight into key customer data for retailers, designs visual reporting data unique to each of its customers and provides crucial business decision data.

Change Management


Nextenture adapts professional change management practices to the retail landscape and the challenges faced during solution implementations.

Labor Modeling

Make smart staging and workforce decisions with the help of our data and experience within Reflexis products to help your business.

Time Studies

At Nextenture we conduct time studies for any retailer looking to evaluate the current store processes. We provide valuable insights with our experienced retail strategy and analytics team.










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