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Hi – and welcome to Nextenture’s website! My name is Anokh Rao and I handle our company’s digital media channels. If you’re reading this right now, it means that you’re interested enough in our company to check what we’re all about. You might be wondering, outside of previous updates from our CEO Nikhil Kinikar, what content could a software implementation group bring online?

Members of our team, with helpdesk support pro Swetha Narayanan as she prepared to move into her new home! Taken just last year!

As our company grows, it’s important to have a place where anyone can learn more about each of us. We also hope that you can get a quick glimpse into the activities and thoughts of each of our team members. Additionally, we’d like to also begin publishing important event recaps, interviews with others in our industry and more. Think of our content like a mix of articles and “life lessons” from Nextenture employees.

Of course, this isn’t going to predominantly feature myself or one writer over anyone else within Nextenture. Be sure to expect about 300 words per week here from each of our team members. Who knows – as Reflexions 2017 comes closer on the calendar, we might even have a “Reflections from Reflexions” piece combining all of our thoughts on the event.

Let us know what content you’d like to see from our website! Tweet at us (@Nextenture) with what you’d like to see from our team members. Follow us there, as well as LinkedIn and Facebook to keep up to date with our team and all Nextenture-related activities.

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