No matter where you work, everyone has heard a few things about startups. Having worked in one for a while now, I am here to tell you which of those things are true.

The Only Thing That’s Constant Is Change

This ancient quote was clearly meant for modern start-ups. I’ve had a few different responsibilities so far, some more different than others. I’ve also had a few different desk locations so far, some better than others. The only constant at a startup is my inability to hit the office dart board with a single dart, but otherwise, I’ve learned to adapt to the always-developing needs of our company and enjoy the ride.

What’s a “Job Description?”

Since we are constantly dealing with change, I frequently find myself doing tasks that I didn’t necessarily “sign up” for. For example, my initial job description may have said “SQL scripts” only. Since I’ve started working at Nextenture, I’ve written SQL scripts and Java code, while also learning about Web APIs.

When there is a lot of work and only a few heads to do it, there will be some spillover. If you’ve ever worked for a startup, you’ll know that you won’t be doing this or that – you’ll be doing this and that. This leads to my next point.

Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Before joining Nextenture, my previous experience was working in big, multinational corporations. Big companies have the resources for many teams and structured responsibilities. However, due to our small size, the structure at Nextenture needs to be fluid.

There isn’t always a designated person for each task. So, where I would have asked the question above in my previous role, I now put my own hand up if there’s a task that needs to be done within Nextenture. Our dynamic environment provides an opportunity to create a standard, instead of just following it. Part of why I love working for Nextenture is that I relish that challenge and feel empowered by it.

Lastly but most importantly:


A glimpse into Nextenture’s office snacks!

– Sumit Satarkar

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