Meeting clients can sometimes feel like you’re meeting a boss. You can’t avoid them, they give you the scares, but you need to be nice to them. Moreover, your life depends on them! I’m kidding! It doesn’t.

Based on my experience dealing with customers face to face in various capacities, I’ve come up with a list of tips for anyone who still feels butterflies in their stomach when it comes to meeting a client!

Keep it Simple.

Regardless of whether you’re interacting with customers, business stakeholders or anyone in the business world, the key is to remember to keep it simple. This doesn’t mean that you should talk down to your clients, but remember that they’re ultimately looking to you for answers.

Your clients have room to be inquisitive because they’re new to your world and are the ones asking you questions. When explaining to them, you need to start from the basics and keep. It. Simple. When in doubt, make sure you repeat key concepts and maintain clarity! They don’t have to be experts in your field – they just have to know the core of what you’re talking about.


Everybody likes to be around positive people. Remember that when talking with a client, they’re the ones taking the time to look to you for an answer. Be understanding of the opportunity they’ve given you and make sure they implicitly understand that you value their time.

Be open to ideas

More often than not, customers and vendors might not be thinking of the same things that you are. But it’s always nice to keep an open mind and welcome new ideas. You might be resistant to change, but remember that your goal is to help clients achieve their goals – not yours.

Be honest

Honest is the best policy in many areas of life, but it’s especially important in the business world. Like with life, it leads to better relationships. Admitting a fault or lack of knowledge in an area to a client can both be transparent, useful for the customer and helpful for you to gain their trust.

Do your homework

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised. After all, it’s better to say “no,” than it is to say yes and set both false and unreasonable expectations. A client is going to be much more receptive to someone who sets realistic expectations and clearly knows what they’re talking about over someone who is simply nodding their head and twiddling their fingers.

Client meetings are a crucial part in the process of any project. Hopefully, these tips should help provide a good starting point.

– Tanaya Ojha

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