When I asked my coworkers what I should write about for my blog post, everyone said “being pregnant while working.” This seemed a very odd notion to me. Barring extreme health situations, don’t most expectant mothers work during their pregnancy? Am I missing some sweet status quo that allows me to check out for nine months? Where do I sign up?

The more I thought about it, I started to realize that from an outsider’s perspective, I’m not only doing my job, but I’m pulling double duty. Heck, triple or quadruple duty! It may seem odd to say, but in addition to my daily responsibilities at Nextenture, I’m playing the role of a nutritionist, engineer, and U-Haul.

Alisa, at 16 weeks pregnant!


Every delicious French fry or boring leaf of kale I put into my mouth directly affects my sweet growing baby. The term “eating for two,” while super fun in theory, puts a ton of pressure on mom to make every choice a healthy one. Sacrifices must be made – I miss you so much, coffee.


Morning sickness, aches, pains, bloating, chronic napping (I consider this one a perk) are all building blocks that form a healthy pregnancy. These “symptoms” are intricately designed to prepare your body for baby. Amazing things are happening inside of me and I have the honor of feeling it all. A blessing and a curse, but all will be worth it in the end.


I’m only allowed to use this reference because I am currently pregnant. Men, don’t try this at home.

I feel like I’m the size of a truck, but besides that, I’ve been given the incredible responsibility of carrying precious cargo. My nine-month journey along the open road of pregnancy will ultimately lead to the delivery of something so valuable that wars have been fought to preserve it, world councils have been formed to protect it and people devote their existence to sustaining it: human life.

In a pop culture where superheroes are worshiped and shock and awe are rare events, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the incredible life-giving power of pregnancy, a phenomenon that not all women will be blessed to experience. To those women who ache for natural born children, I know you are stronger than anyone realizes. I was you.

So yes – I did write my blog about being pregnant while working. Thank you for the inspiration team! But for the record, anyone can punch in and punch out 9 to 5. Let’s focus our attention to pregnant women everywhere, working or not, and stand in awe of the incredible miracle they are preforming, without even batting a false eyelash.

Alisa Stallings

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